VariTrane® Single Duct Terminal Units

VariTrane® Single Duct Terminal Units

VariTrane® Single Duct Terminal Units

VariTrane® variable-air-volume (VAV) units lead the industry in quality and reliability and are designed to meet the specific needs of today’s applications. Control comfort, indoor air quality (IAQ), noise levels, and energy consumption with the VariTrane single duct terminal units. Optional Certified Ultra-Low Air Leakage provides industry-leading energy efficiency and IAQ performance. VariTrane single duct terminal units are universally handed and optionally equipped with factory mounted and commissioned unit controllers, which reduce installation effort and startup time.


  • Available Sizes: 4 in. to 16 in. round, 24 in. x 16 in. rectangular
  • Airflow Range: 0 - 8,000 cfm
  • Available with hot water or electric reheat
  • Standard IAQ metal encapsulated insulation edges and coil access panels
  • Optional Certified Ultra-Low Air Leakage
  • Optional LEED wrap for preventing contamination during the construction phase
  • Optional factory mounted, wired, tested, and commissioned pressure independent controls
    • DDC (Comm3 or Comm 4), LonTalk, BACnet Communication
    • Trane® Air-Fi® Wireless Communication
  • Additional factory mounted, wired, tested options
    • Modulating actuator
    • Power fuse
    • Control power transformer
    • Toggle disconnect switch
    • Duct temperature sensor
    • Modulating hot water control valves and piping packages


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Technology continues to evolve - as do cyber-security defenses, and IT compatibility requirements, and customers’ productivity expectations.  Trane, as a leading BAS Controls provider, remains current with latest technology trends by innovating to deliver our customers secure, compatible, and feature-rich systems. By the time a typical building is a few years old, its systems are already falling behind. Trane can maintain a high performing building by keeping building automation, HVAC, lighting and central plants up to date with the latest BAS innovations.