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Trane's unrivaled expertise, scale, and speed gives you greater control over your growth destiny.

Stream. Store. Shop. Secure. Share. We are witnessing a data growth explosion like the world has never seen. And in the data centers where it all lives and multiplies, there are servers to cool, energy efficiency and sustainability goals to meet and rapid growth to contend with. If your ambitions are as big as the world’s demand for data, you need a proven ally that can deliver data center cooling solutions to keep you up and running while growing. Only Trane has the expertise, scale and speed to help you not just meet the world’s ever-growing demand for data but outpace it.

Data Centers: Mission Critical

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Customer Story

Savvis Communications
$2,124,000 per year in energy savings due to chilled water plant and pumping system controls upgrade at mission-critical data center.

Customer Story

Sibley Textile Mill
Innovative alternative system projected to reduce energy use by about two-thirds; to provide reliable, lower-cost environment for tenants • Augusta, GA Built in 1881, on the historic site of the Confederate Powder Works, Sibley Textile Mill is being developed by Cape Augusta Digital Properties into a major regional data center. The data center development and management company expects to lease portions of the historical property to technology companies, data center users and operators, integrators and cybersecurity educators.
ARRIS Group, Inc.

Customer Story

ARRIS Group, Inc.

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Our cooling expertise will give you goosebumps.

With many of the world’s large building running on Trane, our cooling solutions knowledge and experience speaks for itself. We have a global team of engineers, technicians and energy optimization experts ready to take your data center to the next level while maintaining reliability and maximizing efficiency.

  • A complete portfolio of Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) and Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH)  for mission critical applications. 
  • Application engineering expertise to optimize systems, maintain uptime and meet your continually evolving needs.
  • Proactive and predictive response to system issues with the largest service organization in the industry.

Go big. Or go bigger.

With rising data demand, you need a partner with the scale to make sure your operations can keep pace with your ambitions. Trane has in-region manufacturing capacity on a global scale with the cooling equipment to match your tonnage needs.

  • The ability to help you scale operations anywhere in the world. 
  • A comprehensive approach to energy supply, storage, and demand management.
  • Scalable redundancy while lowering cost and the unique aptitude to leverage thermal energy storage.

You can't grow a data center at dial up speed.

Slow isn’t an option in the data center space. We’re built to move quickly so you can scale to grow faster in order to position your company for long term success. Trane can develop, design, and deliver customized data center cooling solutions for your facilities; in some cases, in as little as 8 weeks (pre-committed inventory programs available)

  • Robust, localized inventory stocking programs. 
  • Massive rental fleet services for temporary, scalable HVAC and power to meet emergency demand.
  • Vast organization of highly skilled technicians available 24/7/365.
  • Industry thought-leadership and insight to deliver current trends and offer future insights.

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