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Optimizing your building's HVAC system can help address health risks

As a college and university leader you face many challenges today including maintaining a healthy indoor environment for all of your buildings. It's important for you to understand the current guidelines, recommendations and how your buildings perform. Identifying your goals will help you unlock the hidden potential of your facilities and can reduce operational costs while improving sustainability and emergency resiliency. 

Use Stimulus Funds To Improve Your Campus

Trane can help you maximize your COVID relief funding to improve the infrastructure of your campus.  The importance of indoor air quality and need for proper ventilation in campus facilities is top of mind.  


Stimulus funding (HEER, the Higher Education Emergency Relief fund) can be used to pay for upgrades to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems along with other solutions to improve the indoor environmental quality of campus facilities.  Make meaningful investments for now and in the future.  

Deploy new technology for a more flexible and energy efficient campus

The systems that serve your campus must be flexible to serve changing campus needs; using energy only as needed and keeping students and staff comfortable and safe. Our Connected Building solutions make facilities adaptable to fluctuating occupancy requirements. We provide technology that enables you to maintain environments that foster effective learning and healthier living in high-density spaces—while making the most of every bit of energy that’s consumed. Maximize efficiency by integrating control over lighting and HVAC and by practicing Active Energy Management to build sustainability campus-wide and reduce dependency on the electrical grid.

Make more meaningful progress on sustainability

Students expect your school to operate responsibly and be a good steward of energy resources. We can help you reduce your carbon footprint with a wide range of solutions. That may mean upgrading to the latest and most energy efficient HVAC equipment, or integrating more renewable energy. We use data to reveal ways you can change operational strategies to save energy and money without affecting comfort. Then you can use that data to help demonstrate the ongoing progress you’re making to reduce the energy intensity of your campus to the community.

Establish energy independence

 The stability of the power grid is an ongoing concern because of aging infrastructure and ever-greater demand. We can help ensure your campus is ready and resilient. The approach can be diverse and comprehensive, including the use of distributed renewable energy resources, energy storage and microgrids. 

Support student learning and workforce development skills

Getting students engaged is an important goal for Trane.  Across the country our digital tools are converting campus buildings into living learning labs that educate students on how their actions impact the conservation of energy and other natural resources. It offers real-life lessons on energy conservation and sustainability that will last them a lifetime.

Trane is also a proud a sponsor of NC3, a network of education providers and corporations who are working together to support, advance and validate new and emerging technology skills. We provide NC3 members with resources to help engage and prepare students for technical careers in the HVAC industry

Ready for Now. Resilient for Tomorrow.

Trane’s Wellsphere™ is a holistic approach to building wellness. It’s a multi-disciplinary collective of experts using world class technologies and services to help improve your school buildings

Case Studies

Gateway Technical College

Gateway Technical College and Trane are working in partnership to better prepare the workforce of tomorrow and become a much more efficient and energy conscious college