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As a school district leader, the well-being of kids and teachers come first. But changes in funding, energy efficiency requirements and environmental sustainability goals, make it hard to keep up. That’s where we come in. We partner with you to help you reach your goals for your buildings, your environment and most importantly, your students and staff. 

2021 State of Our Schools Report

2021 State of Our Schools Report

As a longstanding partner in education, Trane has worked closely with school districts for decades to help create healthier, more productive learning environments. That is why we are proud to support the 21st Century School Fund, the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) and the National Council on School Facilities on the State of Our Schools Report.

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Get Smart: A Series of Conversations with K-12 Industry Experts

Your school buildings are in the spotlight – and you have questions. Trane has partnered with the leading K-12 industry experts to bring you answers. Join us as we bring you Get Smart, a webinar series designed to help you make the grade in today’s educational environment.

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Stimulus Funds For Upgrading Schools

Trane can help you maximize your Stimulus funding to improve the infrastructure of your district. ESSER II and ESSER III funding can be used to pay for upgrades to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems along with other solutions to improve the indoor environmental quality of schools.  

Simplify your procurement with Trane’s contract through OMNIA Partners​

Trane is proud to collaborate with OMNIA Partners to provide excellent government procurement resources to help school districts (K-12) and higher education institutions to simplify your procurement process.​

Redeploy energy savings to support your mission

We can help you reduce energy costs so you can allocate more money to your educational mission. High efficiency HVAC systems are only the beginning. Trane energy experts can help you navigate the energy landscape more effectively, whether by purchasing energy more strategically or using energy storage to avoid paying higher demand charges.

We’ll also find ways to make energy projects more affordable for you, by leveraging  innovative  financial solutions or performance contracting vehicles where savings pay for themselves. Trane is proud to partner with OMNIA Partners purchasing organization to to help you save money and simplify the purchasing process.

Operate more sustainably, because the future depends on it

To operate more sustainably, every effort matters and schools are in the forefront. Trane’s approach combines high-efficiency equipment, building controls that simplify sophisticated operating schedules, renewable energy integration and more. We can help you create sustainable school buildings that reduce the carbon footprint and operate in a more environmentally responsible manner.

Support student learning and workforce development skills

Our BTU Crew™ interactive curriculum brings STEM learning to life. It teaches students the concepts of energy efficiency and sustainability using their own school building as an educational tool. Designed for easy integration into your current program with flexible lessons plans, it helps students grow their analytical skills with hands-on learning through interactive digital tools, empowering them with new skills and teaching them to become stewards of energy conservation in their communities.

Trane is also a proud a sponsor of NC3, a network of education providers and corporations who are working together to support, advance and validate new and emerging technology skills. We provide NC3 members with resources to help engage and prepare students for technical careers in the HVAC industry

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Insight from an expert: IEQ and back to school
As part of a holistic approach to building wellness, an energy service company such as Trane can help school leaders access unprecedented funding currently available to optimize indoor spaces in schools. Additionally, Trane can help leaders prepare a long-term replacement strategy should they be hit with a natural disaster or other surprises.
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