Comfort & Confidence Matter

Design and manage your restaurant's HVAC system to optimize energy performance

The Total Restaurant Design

Create cleaner, more comfortable restaurant environments with Trane’s Total Restaurant Design for a stress-free, energy-efficient solution.




Trane’s Total Restaurant Design can maximize efficiency, reduce installation capital, and decrease energy use.


Control temperature and humidity to ensure a comfortable dining experience.


Reduce airborne pathogens, odors and mold with filtered outdoor air systems.

Featured Solutions

Trane Intelligent Services

Restaurants can be complex and one small fault can cause critical disruptions in food preparation and service. Trane’s Intelligent Services ensures your restaurant runs optimally over time to protect your energy spend. 

Easy. Efficient. Ensemble.

Monitor and manage all your restaurants from a single dashboard. Tracer Ensemble is Trane’s building management system that offers an easy and connected experience for restaurant facility managers. With Ensemble the need to physically visit each location is greatly reduced saving you time and money.

Horizon™ Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS)

Trane® Horizon™ Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems are designed to condition up to 100% of outdoor air year-round, reduce latent loads, enhance comfort and energy efficiency, and maintain your building’s health.

Pivot Ensemble for Traditional Systems

Pivot® Smart Thermostat System allows you to maintain an ideal environment that works for you with an easy-to-use interface. Learn more about how it can help you to easily manage comfort as a natural part of your day.

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Drive customers in and odors out – is your restaurant properly pressurized?
Our sense of smell has been a powerful motivator throughout human history. This natural olfactory instinct can drive the decisions we make - whether they’re good, bad or indifferent. So, when it comes to restaurants and kitchens, help ensure customers only get the very best of the smells in your building.


Creating a Cleaner Environment for Dining Experiences
Restaurant owners and facility managers are among many who know how to deliver on cleaner environments. Their businesses are built on it and can easily be shut down because of it. Creating a worry-free dining experience and communicating that dedication to customers is fast becoming a marketing tactic to help obtain and keep customers.

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