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VSDs and their Impact on System Components


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Variable-speed drives (VSDs) can save energy, but the savings may not equal “the cube of the speed” in every case. This ENL looks at how VSDs affect the performance of pumps, cooling-tower fans, air-handler fans, and chillers, and discusses the differences in VSD control in each of these applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify how adding a VSD to one component affects other components in the system and understand that it’s important to make building owners aware of these interactions
  • Summarize why energy savings from VSDs vary by application and may not correspond to the “cube of the speed”.
  • Summarize how other equipment in the system is affected when a VSD is added (to a condenser water pump, for example)
  • Apply control methods that can enhance the benefits of a VSD.


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VSDs and their Impact on System Components

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