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VAV Systems

Air Conditioning Clinics (Systems Series)

  • Air Conditioning Clinics (Systems Series)
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  • Item # TRG-TRC014-EN
  • Published Jun 1, 2018

Summary of the variable air volume or VAV system approach to air conditioning.  

Topics include:

  • Explanation of VAV system 
  • Components of a VAV system
  • Terminal unit types (cooling only, reheat, parallel and series fan powered, dual duct)
  • Terminal unit controllers (pneumatic, electronic, DDC)
  • Diffusers
  • Supply duct design
  • Interior vs. perimeter spaces
  • System control modes
  • Fan modulation
  • Static pressure control
  • System-level ventilation
  • Freeze protection for coils
  • Part-load space humidity control
  • Building pressure control

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June 01, 2018