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LEED 2009 Modeling and Energy Savings


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Trane applications engineering discuss the major changes in LEED 2009 and how they impact the HVAC practitioner. The LEED 2009 green building certification program was introduced in March of 2009 after eight years of user feedback. It incorporates highly anticipated regional credits, extra points that have been identified as priorities within a project’s given environmental zone. LEED has also undergone re-weighting of credits, changing allocation of points among LEED credits to reflect climate change and energy efficiency as urgent priorities. This course qualifies as LEED-specific hours.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand LEED 2009 as it pertains to HVAC Systems
  • Identify system options for meeting WE, EA and IEQ prerequisites and achieving credits in these sections
  • Understand the importance of integrated building design
  • Compare modeling and energy savings comparisons in various locations


Presentation handouts
Includes presentation slides, presenter biographies, outline and bibliography.

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LEED 2009 Modeling and Energy Savings

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