Cybersecurity is a top priority for Trane®.

We use industry best practices and tools, such as encryption and multiple layers of access control and authentication to protect your data

It seems like every day you learn about another network system that’s been compromised. Building control systems are not immune to the threat. Trane® takes the security of our products and solutions seriously. We design and build connected solutions to be as secure as possible, and help mitigate risk using secure practices that include encryption and other industry best practices.

We only utilize the data necessary to optimize comfort and control

The data utilized by Trane® building management systems are limited to HVAC equipment and system operating data. Depending on your company’s goals, we may also use energy consumption and demand data.

It’s your data, not ours

As our customer, you grant Trane® permission to use the data we collect to improve the performance of your building automation system to improve overall efficiency. We don’t share it, sell it or expose it to anyone outside the company without your express permission. Period.

We partner with your IT organization to make it work

To ensure our building management systems are deployed securely, we work closely with your IT organization to understand your cybersecurity practices and requirements, and to answer questions about our solutions.

We stay current on cybersecurity and best practices

Safely tapping into the benefits of connected building management systems requires ongoing vigilance for both providers and customers through the use of security best practices. Our developers and security experts stay current on cyber issues and industry best practices.

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