Motorized Impeller Fan Array

Motorized Impeller Fan Array

Motorized Impeller Fan Array

A fan that keeps on flowing with a smaller footprint and higher efficiencies.

Motorized Impeller Fan Array

The Trane® Motorized Impeller (MI) Array is an electronically commutated motor (ECM) array that addresses the application and installation challenges engineers, business owners and contractors face when selecting and installing an air handler fan section.

The new energy-efficient MI Array features a compact footprint that can be specified to fit through a space as small as a single door, simplifying installation even in a retrofit. Higher fan quantities, greater wheel diameter options and high-static pressure capabilities enable you to find the right fan combination for your application needs.

Designed to endure rigorous performance demands, the MI Array allows for continued operation should a fan go down. In addition to its effortless redundancy, the array’s easy serviceability, static pressure capabilities and high efficiency can make it ideal for the demands of the healthcare and higher education sectors.

Tailored, Redundant Performance

The MI array offers static pressure capabilities as high as 9 inches w.g., allowing the array to meet the needs of a broad range of applications. Customize the MI array to fit your application needs. You can select up to 15 fans for your array and specify an array configuration to fit your specific space requirements. You also can choose from 7 wheel diameter options for your array based on your balance of performance and price-point.

You can count on Trane’s MI Array to continue meeting the space requirements during crucial moments. In the unlikely event that one of the fans should go down, the remaining fans continue to deliver the required airflow.


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