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Introduction to HVAC Systems

Air Conditioning Clinics (Systems Series)

  • Air Conditioning Clinics (Systems Series)
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  • Item # TRG-TRC018-EN
  • Published Jun 1, 2018

Introduction to HVAC systems that dissects the entire system into five subsystems, or "loops."  

Topics include:

  • Requirements for occupant comfort
  • Five "loops" (airside loop, chilled-water loop, refrigeration-equipment loop, heat-rejection loop, controls loop)
  • Factors that affect decision to choose a chilled-water versus a direct expansion (DX) system
  • Packaged versus split systems
  • Common HVAC system types
  • Single-zone versus multiple-zone systems
  • Constant-volume versus variable-air-volume systems
  • Packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC)
  • single-zone packaged DX rooftop
  • DX split system
  • Chilled-water terminal system (fan coils, classroom unit ventilators, blower coils)
  • Two-pipe versus four-pipe systems
  • Water-source heat pump systems
  • Dedicated outdoor-air systems
  • Single-zone VAV
  • Multizone system
  • Three-deck multizone system
  • Changeover-bypass system
  • Multiple-zone VAV system
  • Rooftop VAV system
  • Self-contained DX VAV system
  • Chilled-water VAV system
  • Double-duct VAV system
  • Factors that impact the selection of the HVAC system

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June 01, 2018