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Chilled-Water System Design Trends


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Improved technology and controls for chilled-water systems over the past several years enable these types of systems to do more and save more. This ENL will review recent advancements in technology and trends due to these developments, system strategies that can take advantage of the latest technology and when various system strategies should be used. Consideration will be given to: variable primary, primary secondary, constant flow, series chillers, chilled water reset, pump pressure optimization, flow rates and turndown, heat exchanger types, and the components of air- and water-cooled systems.

After viewing attendees will be able to:

  • Summarize how the latest chiller, controls and refrigerant changes will affect chilled-water plant performance 
  • Identify chiller plant configurations, and the benefits as well as common “gotchas” of each  
  • Compare competing design and control strategies to reduce system energy use and lower energy costs
  • Summarize the opportunities various design and optimization strategies offer systems
  • Explain how and why variable flow systems have become more common – and the risks of misapplying them

Presentation handouts 
Includes presentation slides, presenter biographies, outline and bibliography.

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Chilled-Water System Design Trends

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