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High-Performance Air Systems


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This program discusses the properties of high-performance air systems and provides guidance on their design.   Air-handling equipment design best practices like right-sizing and proper component selection will be discussed in detail. Duct design guidelines including velocity and fitting placement will complete the air distribution system. System control strategies and damper control strategies will be briefly reviewed. Also included: selection for part-load operation and part-load efficiency requirements, economics of oversizing, and comparisons to traditional air-handling systems.

After viewing attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the major components of an air system 
  • Summarize how right sizing and proper component selection impact air system performance
  • Identify several opportunities to improve performance and save energy in air systems
  • Summarize best practices for fan configuration, operation and selection

Presentation handouts 
Includes presentation slides, presenter biographies, outline and bibliography.

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High-Performance Air Systems

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