Trane Pipe Designer

Pipe Designer streamlines the pipe design process. Use the program to determine required pipe sizes, find the critical path for proper pump sizing, and calculate pressure drops through valves/fittings or from elevation changes.

Trane Pipe Designer helps you:

  • Model new piping designs
  • Evaluate existing piping systems
  • Incorporate a combination of old and new layouts
  • Examine open and closed systems
  • Create a complete bill of materials

Release Notes

[Version 4.1] 9/21/12

  • Updated to be compliant with Windows® 7 folder and security restrictions
  • Removed Sybase database dependency
  • New Report Viewer
  • New tabbed view for multiple files
  • Improved calculation speed
  • Fixed saving error when specifying the sections fluid flow
  • Fixed incorrect units displayed for max pressure drop

To install and run the program you will need: a Pentium® 4 or higher processor, Microsoft Windows® 7/8 operating system, at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM,  and 500 MB of free hard-disk space (750 if Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 is not already installed).

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