R’newal™ Service Programs

R’newal™ Service Programs

The Trane R’newal™ Service programs are comprehensive services that restore the performance of either the units compressor or building controls by replacing worn parts and materials, or upgrading software technology. These services bring your existing units to the same level of reliability and current technology as offered by a new Trane chiller or building control unit by:

Compressor R’newal™ Service programs

  • Verifies leak integrity and preventing refrigerant loss

  • Prevents expensive compressor or motor failure that could be caused by
    worn bearings

  • Includes OEM compressor warranty coverage that can be extended up to
    five years.

Building Control R’newal™ Service program

  • Upgrades building control units to the latest in building automation management, technology and performance

  • Adds an optional multi-year service agreement to ensure your buildings and controls continue to run at peak efficiency.