Give your new system the right start to
assure best operation and longest life.

Extended Start-up

There’s a reason you chose Trane HVAC systems for your building. You wanted an advanced, high performance system that could be relied on for years to come.

But as you know, there are a number of installation and situational variables that can impact the performance, reliability and useful life of your systems.

Twelve Months, Five Essential Services To Assure Long Term Performance.

Make sure your HVAC system investment gets off to the right start with a Trane Extended Start-Up Agreement. It’s the best way to validate proper installation and assure the highest level of performance during that all-important first year of operation.

Trane HVAC systems are typically sold with a standard one year, parts-only warranty. The Extended Start-Up Agreement goes above and beyond the standard warranty to provide five critical services:

  • Post-Installation Inspection: Validates that installation and startup were done to factory specifications.

  • Chiller Benchmark Report: Verifies expected system operating parameters and provides an “as installed” benchmark to track changes in performance in later years.

  • Periodic Inspections: Uncover chronic operational problems that could impair efficiency and shorten the life of your system.

  • Chiller Oil Analysis: Analyzes compressor oil samples for the presence of wear metals, acidity and moisture and provides a detailed report of the current state of the system.

  • Filter Changes: Scheduled to maximize flow and efficiency of system operation.

  • Periodic Checks In The First Year Help Assure Long Term Performance

Tack On A Little Peace Of Mind

Commercial HVAC systems represent a significant investment of financial and personnel resources. A good beginning and a strong service provider relationship is the best way to assure you get the most out of this investment.

Trane Extended Start-Up Agreement price is typically a tiny percentage of the purchase price of the equipment. Much less than sales tax in most states.

Ensure peak performance during that first critical year of new system operation. Contact your local Trane office today.