Rental for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Stringent temperature and humidity control

In the pharmaceutical industry, process control plays an essential role in the quality and consistency of formulas, their testing and the end product. Exceptional standards are required to ensure the highest quality products. One way to ensure precise quality control is through accurate temperature and humidity management at each step of production, from cooling ointments before rolling and packaging to water used in the wet granulation process for tablet forming.

Pharmaceutical products such as vaccines, diagnostic kits, sterilized containers and medicines need to be stored at pre-determined temperatures and humidity levels in order to preserve their properties and to comply with regulations. Therefore any failure or inadequacy of the HVAC system is simply not acceptable as it would compromise the quality of the product.

Trane Rental expertise for the pharmaceutical industry

When planned shutdowns, emergencies and production peaks occur, Trane Rental Services have the expertise and equipment to substantially mitigate any risk to the production process:

  • Trane delivers reliable and cost-effective rental solutions for pharmaceutical facilities with varying levels of design complexity to help you sustain the HVAC capacity you need.
  • Trane engineers will work with your operations team to perform an in-depth assessment of your requirements.
  • The delivery and of rental units are scheduled to integrate seamlessly into your operation.

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