Rental for the Food & Beverage Industry

Understanding your needs

The cold chain that stretches from producers to consumers through processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution is the key to ensuring the quality, safety and profitability of Food and Beverage products.

In the Food and Beverage industry, system integration of chillers, pumps, air distribution, temperature and humidity controls is critical. Any disruption of the cooling process will create production losses and wastage.

Trane Rental expertise for the food and beverage industry

When planned shutdowns, emergencies or peak demands occur, Trane Rental Services understand the industryspecific issues. From simple warehousing to complex food processing plants, Trane Rental Services deploy integrated cooling and heating solutions that meet building requirements.

Unique cooling loads based on extreme conditions require high efficiency rental chillers at full and part load. The use of glycol and brine solutions allows close control of indoor conditions and full use of cooling coil capacity.

  • Trane delivers reliable and cost-effective rental solutions with varying levels of design complexity to help you sustain the HVAC capacity you need.
  • Trane engineers will work with your operations team to perform an in-depth assessment of your requirements.
  • The delivery and of rental units are scheduled to integrate seamlessly into your operation.


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