High Efficiency Inverter Systems

4MXW/4MYW 9-24 MBH-up to 18 SEER-60Hz

Improved energy savings

If your air conditioning unit is 10 years old, it may be operating at a SEER rate as low as 8. However, you
could obtain energy savings as high as of 56%, with the installation of a new high efficiency Trane
system that can achieve a SEER rate of up to 18.

Inverter technology adjusts the speed of the compressor to meet load requirements enabling quick cooling and reducing power consumption, while preventing frequent cycling of the unit.

Enhanced indoor air quality

In addition to the regular washable filter, our newhigh wall systems are equipped with two additional filters: a catechin filter and an active carbon filter.

This active carbon filter is able to rapidly adsorbharmful gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and
ammonia. The biological properties of the catechin filter permit the adsorption of tiny particles of dust, eliminating the effect of bacteria, mold and microbes.


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