Contura 3G Cassette

Cassette Series Underceiling Type MCC & MWC Series

4-Way Directional Air Flow
This multi-flow system features four different settings of the discharge outlets, offering many benefits:
- Provides wide vertical air distribution for better comfort, while cooling the entire room in a short period of time.
- Enhances down-flow performance and enables widerange air-conditioning for medium discharge.
- Enables adjustment of the airflow direction to reduce air resistance.
- Quiet operation: high efficiency with low noise levels.

Trane is proud to present its new line of cassette-type minisplit air conditioners. Designed for recessed ceiling installation, this product will provide you with years of comfortable, convenient cooling, with minimal service required.

• Fit all needs
- Available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz, cooling and heat pump.
- Available in R22 and R407C.

• Slim & Attractive
DesignTrane’s compact Cassette units feature a new and elegant design that enables more flexible installation, especially in a shallow ceiling pocket. Cassette type air-conditioner serves not only as an air-conditioner but an indoor decoration as well, which makes it widely used in offices, stores and houses.

• Ceiling Mounted Installation Mounted in the ceiling, they leave the floor space uncluttered and free the interior designer from having to consider the air conditioner installation.

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.

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