Series R™ Helical Rotary
Compressor Chiller
Model RTUD

80 to 250 Tons (60 Hz)

This line of compressor chillers ranges from 80 to 250 tons. If you are designing new systems or replacing existing compressor chillers, Trane can satisfy virtually any application need. Whether coupled with a Trane condenser or a condenser from another source, Trane has the right compressor chillers for the job.


  • Series R compressor chiller capacities range from 80 to 250 tons 60Hz

  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1-2004 efficiency guidelines

  • Ability to operate in variable primary flow applications

  • Most units fit through standard single width door

  • Fork lift channels built into the base frame are available for improved maneuverability

  • Adaptive Control™ algorithms provide all unit control and safety functions in a proactive strategy

  • Time of day scheduling option to provide simplified unit level control

  • Up to 65kA SCR ratings

For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on the Literature tab.

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